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North Station

On arrival at North Station you will almost always find a queue of taxis on the taxi rank. This is on land owned by Network Rail and we have the contract to operate taxi services from there. So there is no need to pre-book a taxi before coming to Blackpool. We have a mixed fleet of 4 seater saloon vehicles and 6 seater wheel chair accessible vehicles. Just step out of the door from the station and the rank is right there in front of you. We hope that all visitors enjoy their stay in Blackpool and have an enjoyable taxi ride from the train station to the hotel. Please give us feedback if you wish to comment on your journey. You can contact any of our Committee Members, who will be happy to help. But if it is a serious matter you may want to consider sending your complaint direct to Blackpool Council Licensing Dept.

Blackpool taxis offer great value and we have not increased taxi fares since 2012. And if 4 or more passengers share a cab it will usually be cheaper than the local bus/tram company. Why travel on a bus or tram when you can have the convenience of door to door travel with a friendly driver?  Our drivers are happy to share their knowledge of Blackpool with you and give personal recommendations that will enhance your holiday.

The majority of our drivers were born locally, so you won’t suffer any language problems. And they really know the area, so you can be sure of a safe and direct route. We have a number of lady drivers and here is Jeanette parked up at North Station.

Payment by debit/credit card? No problem, many of our drivers have this facility. Just look for a cab with signage in the window.

Blackpool Victoria Hospital

We have two taxi ranks at this hospital:

·         The old rank by the Outpatients Car Park

·         A rank by the new Main Entrance

So wherever you are at the hospital a taxi rank is nearby. So there is no need to pre-book a taxi when departing from this hospital. Just walk out and book the first cab on the rank. And don’t worry if you are disabled. Our drivers are trained to cope and many are wheel chair accessible. Did you know that the wheel chair accessible vehicles are fitted with ramps, steps and swivel seats? These are specifically designed to help disabled passengers.

If you need to book a taxi to take you to the hospital just phone us. We know that a visit to hospital can be stressful. Our drivers will assist you to get into and out of the cab if necessary and will make your journey as pleasant as possible.


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