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Blackpool Licensed Taxi Operators Association


The Blackpool Licensed Taxi Operators Association (BLTOA) was formed in the 1950s to promote and benefit the hackney trade in Blackpool. We are the recognized trade body in Blackpool and we have occasional meetings with the Council on various matters. It is our input that is primarily responsible for fare increases in Blackpool taxis.

The BLTOA is not a ‘taxi company’, we are an association for our members. About one half of our members are members of taxi companies and one half drives what is known in Blackpool as ‘street cabs’. We operate a mixed fleet with the majority being wheel chair accessible vehicles (6 and 7 seaters) and some hackney saloon (4 seater) vehicles. We do not represent private hire drivers.

We are not a political organisation. We exist only to promote the taxi trade in Blackpool. But we will not hesitate to make comments about issues which we feel that need to be aired. We regularly provide feedback to the Council on issues such as traffic congestion and taxi ranks.

We are currently in the process of lobbying Blackpool Council on a proposed tramway extension from Talbot Square to the current location of Wilko’s near to North Station. We think that our objection is valid even though it has been described as ‘not substantive’.

These are some of the paragraphs from our objection:

“It is clear to us that Blackpool is already at times severely congested. Apart from the fact that we are very successful in attracting visitors there are various reasons for this. But mainly it is the Promenade development errors of a few years ago that causes most of the congestion.”


“If this tramway extension goes forward there will be huge delays to traffic during construction and further delays to traffic on the Promenade. When you consider that the vast majority of our visitors arrive by road that would be a backward step in our opinion. You must have seen the Promenade traffic queuing up to get past the Talbot Square area. Any comparisons with trams crossing the Promenade on other parts of the tramway network are not valid. The Promenade simply cannot cope with trams constantly crossing whilst all other vehicles are halted.”


“When the Promenade at Talbot Square grinds to a halt there is an immediate effect all over the town. When that happens commuters travelling north and south through the town divert off and clog up other parts of our roadways. A tramway extension up Talbot Road would create congestion of a level which would deter visitors. During the Illuminations weekends trams would struggle to get through the traffic.”


If people want to comment on the tramway extension these should be sent to should be sent to

Transport Policy Team, PO Box 17, Corporation Street, Blackpool, FY1 1LZ or emailed to [email protected]

Also if you are a constituent of Paul Maynard MP, he wants to know your views on this:

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